Blogger Profiles

Nick Chowdrey

Nick Chowdrey, 23, is a Law graduate living in Kent. Experienced in writing both straight and comic pieces for the stage, radio and blogs, Nick has a passion for highlighting important world issues through his work, taking a special interest in sociology and economics. He believes that education in these areas is fundamental if we are to bring about a positive change to society. His blog series is currently entitled Generation Recession.

Stephanie Edwards

Stephanie Edwards, 23, is a Journalism graduate living in South London. Experienced in writing for both print and online publications, Stephanie has also been news editor for her student newspaper and presented her own radio show. Stephanie
is a compassionate and humanitarian individual, who hopes to use her writing to benefit others, fuelling it with her interest
in current affairs, religious ethics and politics.

Nathan Davies

Nathan Davies, 20, is a second year student in Politics with International Studies at Warwick.  Keenly interested in politics, he hopes to move into political journalism or write about foreign affairs in the future. He has written several feature articles in “Perspectives” magazine. Nathan's blog series is currently running under the theme: 'strengths of other cultures and countries.'

Laura Owen

Laura Owen, 23, is a graduate in Law and Environmental Science. She has completed an internship with the ALDE Group of the European Parliament, specialising in the Environment Committee. She  particularly enjoys writing about current affairs, politics and the environment. In the future she hopes to continue her writing and also move into a career within politics. Her blog series is currently running under the theme of 'forgotten news.'

Nina Schick

Nina Schick is a German/Nepali recent Cambridge M.Phil. graduate living between London and Kathmandu. Born and bred in Nepal she is a polyglot news junkie, history aficionado, and aspiring political journalist. She is currently  working as a policy research and press assistant at UK Parliament, in addition to writing on a freelance basis for

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